Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Invasion!

So I've been in NYC for a few months now and im getting adjusted. I'll have to update ya'll on all my interesting encounters some other time. Right now let me tell ya'll bout today. Well I'm working fro this law firm and tomorrow is my last day. I plan on moonwalking, pop locking, and turning flips out the door. As you can tell I dislike my job but then again who does?

So at this job I just do my thing and mind my business. I didn't do social after work events, lunches none of that. You are probably thinking im anti-social but really I just can't stand a certain group folks. So today I go out to lunch with two co-workers I chatted with every now and then, boy was I in for a surprise. Both of the women are older and one is Italian the other Caucasian. Well we walk in this restaurant and it reeks of beer and vomit so im looking at my co-worker like with?????????

So we get seated and then I notice a room full of white folks, old ones oh wait and men at that. I felt like I was in another world and to top it off a few of them had to do a double take . Checking to see if I was really black up in that piece. Their eyes could not believe it I wanted to laugh hysterically but I decided to pass. Nonetheless it was a wonderful experience to invade their space and just seeing the discomfort on their faces. The joys of being black in white America.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Put a Fork in Him!

Ok so i've been so back and forth saying im feeling a guy. Its like one day i'm feeling him and the next day im not but its not like i tell him this. Like I said before all of this is apart of me running from what im feeling well today we had our first spat and im done. Well more like hes done put a fork in him, we didnt end the conversation on a good note. Basically he gave me the dial tone and what was so odd was that there was no raising of the voices . Just alot of attitude being thrown either way I dont appreciate being hung up on so I wont be picking up the phone and calling him so I guess he'll know he has a fork in him when I don't answer his call. Men Suck!!!!!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Changed My Mind

So I changed my mind about getting that boyfriend, I think i'll stay title free. You know a title usually brings drama and I hate drama. Besides I like having options and doing what I please. Now I just hope the issue of a relationship doesnt come up again anytime soon cause i need some time to think about hwo to say no in a non-hurtful way *sigh* the joys of being a woman.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Its Calling My Name

For some reason to day im sleepy as hell. I cant figure out if its because of all the old people here that are making me tired from just looking at them or the fact that im working on the 1st computer ever made. The old lady that im workING for today is so sweet and her last name is "Hennessey" gotta love that , its just she looks like moses grandma to me. I can't seem to keep my eyes open, I just need a 15 min nap real quick but then a sister maybe out of a temp job quick. She does look like shes related to Moses but she still looks like she doesn't play. Anways I decided just to type in my blog hoping it'll keep me awake since I can't seem to focus on the tedious task at hand. Sleep is really calling my name my eyelids feel like they weigh tons, I even went for a quick walk in the city too get my energy up no luck there. I can't even think about sleeping on the train thats like asking for a broken neck 2 hrs 30mins to go. I sure hope I dont loose this battle with sleep before 5.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Running Scared.....

*sigh* where do I begin let me keep it simple there's a guy in my life that wants a relationship. I like him a great deal but im like the stereotypical guy afraid of titles/commitment anything that lays claim on me. Don't get me wrong im not a whore but I feel so constricted in relationships and I was hurt before just like everyone else. I thought I had bounced back but I guess its still weighing on me. I mean this guy seems so cool and right for me but when he asked me my response was I had to think about it. WTH? Was I thinking well I am sort of a control freak and I carry myself in a certain which means I may get in my own way. I know I need to work on it but I had to let him know I have options and that I can choose him. Sad I know but now I'm so nervous about the possibility of getting into a relationship that I have no clue how to approach the situation. I guess if im second guessing myself then I shouldn't but at the same time I don't want to run him off because im running. To tell the truth I know this is sort of messed up but im afraid that I may miss out on something else if I commit to someone. Once im with someone im with that person and no one else matters and what if he isn't the one? What if im supposed to be with someone else? I dont want to waste time, i'd rather spare my feelings. I guess i'm running scared because how do I know if I should be in a relationship with him?

Friday, July 14, 2006

"My Work"

Haha I pre-titled this post "My Work" I took the term from Keyshia Cole seems like a good way to label a BF. Anways i'm working on getting A BF so when I do I'll come abck with an update on "My Work" Stay Tuned...............

Kick Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So today is one of those days where I feel like telling everyone that crosses my path to F'ing kick rocks! I woke up on the right side of the bed this morning and my train ride was peaceful but for some reason humans can really f'up my day so my list of mofos that need to kick rocks is as follows:
Azzhole#1- some fool on the phone that doesnt know who he talked to but wants to talk to them again and is pissed cause I dont know(im not a f'ing mind reader) he must think I have ESP or something he gets the dial tone
Azzhole#2- he wants a conference room but knows its unavailable and has the nerve to get an attitude what does he want me to do? Create a conference room like I can just pull one out of my ass I think not
Office Manager-and this person isnt an azzhole per say but when im agitated everyone becomes an azzhole to me so I guess he falls in that category today. I'm sitting here minding my business and out of nowhere he says I look like Taye Diggs WTH? So I give him this look to say "Bytch is you crazy"so he tries to clear it up by saying i look like i could be his sister either way I didnt take it as a compliment!

Stay tuned im sure my list will grow seeing as how its only the top of the day....

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Flusher The New Look

Flusher=fake ass usher look i.e. blazers, button ups etc. Wait I thought that look was so last season? Anywho i've been sitting at my desk all day minding my business and barely noticing the ppl that come and go basically just doing what im required nothing more and nothing less. Even though I ignore alot of the crowd thats passing by I however have to interact with delivery guys/messengers and other males and their gross sly comments.

Well this one guy trys hard to get my attention with some ridiculous antics loud talking, asking me to write info on his card (mofo I know you got a job) asking me ?'s he already knows the answers too after all I am only a temp. Well today I finally took notice of him and im less than impressed with him and his Flusher look. He looks like he should be flushed right down the the damn toilet as a matter of fact he puts me in the mind of this *click here at your own risk* in clothes & a big ass fake Diamond. He got the ultimate "Child Boo" eye roll today when he tried to touch my hand uggghhh so lame

The Way It Is

Ok so this doesnt make me say Child Boo but I'll speak on it anyway. So I jumped on the Keyshia Cole bandwagon after her 2nd single and then the album grew on me. Either way that gurl got talent and her show Keyshia Cole:The Way It Is sealed the deal for me. The show was a tad bit hood but aint nothing wrong with that Keysh was in her element keeping it real.

Now DMX/D.O.G or whoever he wants to be at the moment def gets a Child Boo! The show wasnt started good and already he started with the ranting,mumbling and curse words I could'nt exit the room quick enough...... Now that I think about it BET deserves a child boo too for even going there. Not for nothing at least they're keeping my ppl gainfully employed.